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My Snazzy List of Links

The Internet Pilot to Physics: An excellent physics site.
Speak in Tongues: The ultimate linguistics site.
Bonus Games: A cool game site for us children of all ages-
Channel One News: The Web Site of one of the companies that I work for.
Convergent Media Systems: This is the web page of my main employer.
Golf On Line: Take your game to places it's never been before. This place has all the rules of golf; Interactive instruction; A Proshop; Travel section; Fitness advice and a course guide with over 20,000 listings!
Tunes: This site is awesome! It has a database of 163,000 performers, and a dizzying 1 million song titles, 200,000 of which you can hear clips from with RealAudio.
#truth Home Page: This is my favorite EFnet chat channel. It is like a Cafe for the discussion of philosophy- well sometimes ;)
Web Seek: A content based Image and Video catalog and search tool for the Web. This site has a database of over 650,000 images and movies.
Virtual e-mail Stuff: This site has over 200 e-mail places you can check out, that are so cool. You can surprise your friends and enemys- I Promise you- one could spend hours here-
My Virtual Newspaper and Reference Desk: This compendium of newspapers and wire services is awesomely comprehensive. If an organization does news, chances are you'll find a link to it here.
The Metaphysics Research Lap: This site has a Tutorial on The Theory of Abstract Objects.
Earth and Moon Viewer: You've seen images of the Earth and the Moon. But how about real-time images of day or night side of the Earth above any location? You pick the latitude, longitude, and altitude that you want-
Astronomy/ Astrophysics on the Internet: The master database of this site contains 2,512 distinct records.
Test Junkie: This site has dozens of fun on-line tests.
The Rubik's Cube Applet: The cube pops up in a separate window and you can rotate and manipulate it in 3-D.
Mensa: Mensa provides a forum for intellectual exchange between members. Take the sample test. Exercise your brain cells with these mental calisthenics and see if you can match wits with mensa.
*RIKSTAFERS' GUESTBOOK*: Please take a moment to sign it, and tell me what you think. This link was created on November 22, 1997
Ask ANYTHING-: The directory is fast,simple to use, and surprisingly accurate. It searches many Search Engines all at once, and provides almost immediate links to answers.
Free Legal Advice: The best and most comprehensive site for Legal Advice and information on the Internet.
Museum Paradise: You can contact over 10,000 museum sites, all over the world.
The Pictorial Periodic Table: One of the most entertaining chemistry sites imaginable. Better living through chemicals :- )
World Question Center: Gathered here are some of the Worlds most brilliant minds, asking each other the questions they ask themselves. *Crossroads where Science and Philosophy meet*
All Weather Everywhere: Here are clickable maps to help you locate weather patterns anywhere in the world. Here are satellite maps, heat indexes, dew points, wind chills, and even a star gazing chart by zip code. Excellent!
Medbot: Here is the easiest way to search the Web for health resources. It queries up to 4 databases at once and shows the results on a single page.
Web Radio: This shortwave-radio substitute features 1,102 international and Net-only stations.
Surveillance in the Sky: Did you ever wonder what your neighborhood looked like from space? This is a huge repository of ariel photos and satellite images. This is the World's largest online Database at 1.01 TeraBytes. LOOK!
Calculus on the Web: This Page will take you through the equivelent of a first -year college calculus course. The help files are abundant and lucid. Slick and elegant site!
The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary: This has over 115,000 words that you can use to help you write poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, witticisims, and more. Words that rhyme with, almost rhyme with, or sound exactly the same as word.
Librarians Index to the Internet: The searchable index represents years of research by librarians. Organized into 43 different category headings, the annotated index catalogs nearly 3,400 relevent links. Well worth a look!
One Look Dictionaries: Type in your word, and this will instantly search through more than 287 dictionaries and glossaries, including ones specialized for business, sports, medicine, technology, religion, and science.
Inconstant Moon: The combined effects of orbital eccentricity and the Sun's tides result in the apparent size and brightness of the Moon at perigee and apogee. This phenomenon is observed by only a few individuals.
Song Lyric Paradise: This site has over 100,000 song lyrics as well as many more lyric links. Search by Artist, Album or Song. Enjoy-
Free Piano Lessons via the Net: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Studies. 42 lessons- Take your time and learn. If you can compose-You can share it here. If you want to learn music, I think you will find this impressive-
Snow Ski Central: A speciality search engine that serves as a gateway to hundreds of sites. If you can't find what you you're looking for here- It probably does not exist on the Web.
The Best of the Hubble Telescope: Snapshots of infinite bewilderment.
Home of the Great Conspiricy: shhh! You can run, but you can't hide-
#MENSA Homepage: This is my second favorite chat channel on EFnet. It has links, logs, a message board and some members Home Pages- Take a peek, and join the Channel sometime and join in-
Kids Click: A site with over 3,500 selected, described, and organized Internet resources; a magnificent web search *playground*
The Exploratorium: A great place for kids, teachers and curious adults to dive into the world of science, art and human perception. And, if you so desire- You can virtually dissect a cows eye here. Yumm-
Game Cheat Codes-: This site has around 5,000 cheat codes for your beloved PC, Macintosh, PlayStation, Saturn and Nintendo 64. It also has a search engine to speed your quest. And don't worry, I won't tell :)
Nuclear Blast Mapper: Supply Blast Mapper with any location, and it will display a map that shows a nuclear weapon's zones of destruction, with that zone at the center. This will show how "BAD" thermonuclear bombs can be-
The Online Mystery Network: It's lineup of interactive mysterys includes "Vote-n-Solve", a daily "Who-dunit" game, and it is just great free entertainment, information and community for everyone who likes a good mystery.
Free Fax: Register your e-mail address and get a free fax phone number. Faxes sent you will be converted to an image file, and sent to you as attachments to an e-mail message. Very Cool, and FREE!
Garden Guides: This site has a well organized menu, offering counsel on the planting, harvesting disease-proofing, and storing of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. This place is the clear winner for gardening info.
Ask An Expert: This place provides a live human response from an expert in the field. Ask a question, and you'll get an answer by e-mail-Art buffs;Computer whizzes;Travel experts;Auto-repair specialists, And others.
Digital Michelangelo Project: These people are attempting to preserve priceless works of art as 3-D computer models. Using advanced laser technology, scientists are able to digitize precisely the characteristics of PhysicalObjects
Space-Time Capsule: This will fly through orbit above Earth for 50,000 years. You can leave a message for future generations about anything.They are to be stored on CD-ROMs. *How would you like to be remembered?*
The Outer Space Real Estate Site: Here, you can acquire some lunar real estate: A 10-"serca" deed of prime Moon property for only $15.99 plus tax and handleing. This is about 1,778 acres, and is legitimate. Buy now-Colonize later.
Library and Archival Exibitions on the Web: This site is a project of the Smithsonian Institution. It features links to online exhibitions that have been created by libraries, archives and historical societies. All nicely in alphabetical order.
Locating Online Libraries: Most library systems offer online searches. This site has over 4,000 places worldwide to check out. Just search by library type or narrow your search by entering a city, state or institution.
My Begin: This portal reaches into the top links in over 35 categories, including: News, Finance, Sports, Music, Weather, Travel, Fourms, History, Games, Cooking, Reference, Free Software and more. Check it out
*Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence*: This is a free download screen-saver that analyzes radio telescope data from hundreds of thousands of internet connected users. SETI is a scientific experiment. Good Luck!
USA Democracy: Through this web site, you can research and vote on current legislation, as well as monitor the up to date voting records of your elected representatives in Washington. Send your opinion. It matters!
MIT CogNet: An electronic community service for cognative brain sciences. It brings together current and classic resources in the field, and provides a unique interactive fourm for scholars & professionals. Join!
Encyclopedia Britannica: After 231 years, this 32-volume set, which once cost $1,250 for the books-Is here for free. This is the Rolls-Royce of encyclopedias!
Music Hall 2000: The 1st Global On-line music community, enables anyone to create, exchange, and distribute music regardless of ablity. Sign up for free software to manipulate "samples" Go on-Become a composer!
Shields Up: If you use broadband technology, such as a cable modem, you need to protect your computer from hackers. Can anyone crawl into your computer while you're connected to the Internet? Find out here-Free,
Zone Alarm: A computer with an *always-on* connection has a permanent IP address, which makes it especially vulnerable to hackers. Here is a free, state-of-the-art firewall that ensures maximum protection!
The Global Time Server: This place allows you to select the local time for 1,500 cities, 177 time zones, and 237 countries; and is adjusted for Daylight Savings time. You can pick and save your favorite cities. This is cool.
*Reference Desk*: Features: Facts Encyclopedia(7,500) Sites/73 Subjects); Fast Facts(375+Sources); Journalists Tools; Essential Reference Tools; Hundreds of Research Sites, and USA and World Newspapers. Worth a look!
American School Directory: You can find all 108,000 K-12 Schools here. Enter a state and the 1st few letters of a school name, and you can find the address, phone, fax, enrollment, map, alumni, guest books and more. Register!
Mapping the Internet: This place includes a staggeringly broad array of Net cartography. You can see, here, the movement of data packets across the continents as brightly colored lines. Just look- Trust me- It's great!
Search Engine Showdown: Did you know there are more than 1 billion Web Pages? None of the Engines catalog more than 300 million of them. Tune up your skills here! Try typeing my nick into most any Search Engine. Surprise!
* Bringing Nature To Life *: This is an online Field Guide, and searchable database for identifying over 4,800 plant & animal species of North America. Excellent pic's and info!
Cambridge Cosmology: This site has almost everything you might want to explore about our Cosmos, and perhaps, things you have never thought about- Enjoy!
Virtual Tinker Toys: Here you can build wireframe models with a simple toolkit; then you can make your creation bounce, roll, & walk by adding "springs", which can be set to move like muscles. Strangely addictive!
Outer-Space Environment Center: This site provides a wide variety of near real-time and recent outer-space weather data.
Click TV: This is the most accurate, up-to-date TV listings site on the Web. Just enter your zip code, and your type of connection, and, out spits a colorful grid of shows by times. As much fun as watching TV!
* No More Banner Advertisements! *: This sites freely downloadable software filters noxious mini-billboards from web pages. And here's a bonus- Because you skip all the ad graphics, your surfing speed will be 150% faster!
The Ultimate Dictionary: Translate virtually any word, or Web Page into some of this site's 200+ languages; then choose from an online thesaurus, and speciality dictionarys. Excellent!
Visual Thesaurus: This place allows you to explore relationships of words within the English language. By clicking on words, you follow a thread of meaning, creating a spatial map of linguistic assosiations. Try it!
All Politics: This is another of my favorite EFnet Channels Home Page. #Politics has excellent links, logs of interesting debates, and, you can join in here in a live debate session. Don't wait ! Save the USA!
Find Help For Your Gadgets: Most of us don't bother to keep all those instruction books. In a pinch, vist here, where you can search by manufacturer or product name to get an online manual. Never hunt for that manual again!
High IQ Society: Offers a free lifetime membership for those who have an IQ in the top 5% of the population. Try the free test and see if you qualify. It's fun!
AlI About Internet Relay Chat: EFNet is the oldest conversational system on the Net. Born in 1990, Eris Free Network started in Berkley, CA. This site has everything you can imagine about IRC. Fantastic!
Fill 'Er Up For Less: Here, you can monitor current gas (and heating oil) prices by ZIP code. Just enter your ZIP and a search radius in miles to get the latest prices.
Spot The Satellites: Here you can monitor the position in real time, of hundreds of satellites, as well as our International Space Station. Choose a 3-D window to find out when to see it in the sky-
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Greetings! I work for Convergent Media Systems and Channel One News. I am a Satellite Systems Technician. I design, install and maintain news delivery systems for schools; I also do the same for Fortune 500 companies, except with them, I install interactive distance learning systems. Attended the University of Oklahoma. My favorite subjects were Philosophy, Art History and Film-making. I have since expanded my horizons- I love snow skiing, scuba diving, photography,golf and astronomy. I like Led Zeppelin and Bach; The Beatles and Beethoven; Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull; The Cure and Chopin; The Moody Blues and The Doors. I will be adding awesome links here, as I find the time to do so-

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